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We are engaged Production and distribution of Ice cream powder Soft Serve Ice Cream Grade Premium. With over 20 years of experience gives us confidence in the quality. Safety standards powder, Ice cream powder and Ice cream Soft Serve Machine finished ours. We are the only operator in Thailand that can produce high-quality Ice cream Soft Serve Machine equivalent of an Ice cream Soft Serve Machine from the West. We are proud that Thailand can not be foreigners. Our products can create a variety of products for your business optimally. Are safe for consumers with assurances from the FDA. And GMP. We are ready to support your business with a unique and attractive to customers. The company Destiny Asia Limited personnel with experience in the development of Ice cream powder and Ice cream Soft Serve Machine. And we do not stop to improve products and services. Ice cream Soft Serve Machine and Ice cream powder Soft Serve our finished.

Higher quality than equivalent products from abroad.

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Buying Decision

Buying Soft Serve ice cream powder you have a choice, however. In order to get the best. Cheapest price And best quality It is hard to imagine. Destiny Asia I recommend a simple approach To help you decide on buying powdered soft serve ice cream.

– Ice cream is its control Soft serve ice cream powder, too. So a boy is forced by law. From the Food and Drug Administration. It is something that must be considered first. But what really matters is that we as security operators to consumers separately.

– The price for powdered ice cream, the soft serve. Consider that

Soft serve ice cream powder, such as powder or not. Need to buy more ingredients to mix or not, because if the other ingredients, it makes the cost higher. The powder turned out that the purchase price. But needs other ingredients to be purchased at a price more affordable.

The powder must be mixed into the ice cream soft serve ice cream available for production. And that the powdered soft serve ice cream purchased used. When mixed with water. Water has to wait for the ice cream machine Soft Serve How many liters (weight, powder + water = water for the production of ice cream), it will see the difference.

You need to see that Water for the production of ice cream that has to do Soft Serve it already has produced many bishops. (Used in the calculation of the base).

Soft ice cream powder was then served. Should be used to test a number of little things. Because if we are not satisfied We will not have to pay more. Ice cream powder with poor quality.

Finally, you must look at the quality of the ice cream out of the ice cream flavors. Tasty much Because that is the answer to customers. And making profits for you.

– Soft Serve ice cream powder manufacturer. Is reliable or not for Soft Serve Ice Cream because it could have come to that process and manufacture products that will be sold to consumers.

Phenomenon of developing Powder Soft Serve ice cream better than even the best ice cream powder Destiny Asia Company, we have developed a new recipe. It aims primarily to meet the needs of small entrepreneurs. The Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker No Air Pump System, known in China simply as that.

The operator of retail The Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker without using China Air Pump System. And powdered soft serve ice cream, old-style mix old. Would make a product out of the ice cream itself. The quality is not as good as it should be. Ice cream, a bit of ice (sand), crude fat when eaten often and neck. Soft ice cream powder, but served the Destiny Asia, we intend to make them truly. We have improved and developed powdered soft serve ice cream. The offer is available to non-Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker System Air Pump (China) effectively. The main ingredients of the ice cream made from milk powder authentic. The main ingredients and recipes that we have invented. Meat, ice cream, soft serve, hit it out of China. A softer, more than 30% full list of soft ice less fat, less smooth and delicious flavor both in Thailand and abroad. And the cheap Compared with the mixture of powder mixed with ice cream, soft serve ice cream powder software vendors in the markets we already serve. Our prices are cheaper. Guaranteed We want you to try out what we intend to do it. If you do not like to refund unconditionally.

The special feature of our new ice cream recipes produced for China without an air pump.

  1. The ice cream is creamy and soft swells up 40%.
  2. Forget about the coarse sand. The texture is less rough Or hardly any coarse sand.
  3. The aroma of Vanilla Milk glamorize eat more.
  4. I can ice cream solids faster than approximately 30%, making the press better.


Soft Serve Ice Cream Powder of Destiny Asia mixing simple. Just add water, mix well. Without any other ingredients. It has the raw materials to produce soft serve ice cream for customers to review. Soft serve ice cream powder 1 bag containing 2 kg to 5 liters of water mixed into the ingredients together well, with an average price of 290 baht per kilo only 41 baht !!! Can prove the ingredients of the powder, ice cream, soft serve you for another comparison. And the amount that We are confident in the quality. And the price is right The product quality. The certification is cost saving for the operator. You do more

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