Ice-cream Soft Serve


We are a business operator. We made Ice cream Soft Serve machine and  sold Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream Powder .With over 20 years experience we believe in  safety standards quality of  our ready-made Ice cream Soft Serve powder and Ice cream Soft Serve machine. 

We are the only Thai operator who can produce high quality ice cream soft serve machines as good as Ice cream soft serve machine from the West. We are proud that Thai people do not lose foreigners. Our products can create the most variety of products for your business. We are ready to support your business to be featured and attractive to customers.

 DESTINY ASIA CO., LTD has experienced personnel in developing ice cream powder and ice cream maker. And we will not stop developing products and services. This  make our soft ice cream machines and ready-made ice cream soft serve have high quality equivalent foreign products.

Purchase decision.

To buy Ice Cream Powder . How do you choose to get the best Ice cream powder ,the cheapest powder and the beast quality powder ? It is a matter of thinking hard.  Destiny Asia recommend a simple solution to help you make the decision to buy Ice Cream powder. – Ice cream is a control product. Ice cream ice cream served as well. Therefore, the FDA notifies the Food and Drug Administration It is the first thing to consider. The safety that entrepreneur provided to customer is very important.

– This price is for those looking for ice cream powder.

Consider that. Is the powdered ice cream served as a ready-made powder? If you need to mix more ingredients, it will cost you more. It turns out that buying a cheap powder. But other ingredients have to be bought in the price.Expensive Soft ice cream powder must be ready to use to produce ice cream. And see if the powdered ice cream served here. When mixed with water. How many liters of ice cream (powdered water + water for ice cream production)  you will see the difference. You also need to see that. Water for produce Ice cream that have got in machine.  How many cones can produce.(Use cones for calculation.)  Experiment ice cream powder. You should buy in a small amount. If  you  are not satisfied. You will not have to spend much money with bad quality powder. Finally, you must look at the quality of the ice cream that pressed out that the ice cream flavor. How delicious? Because it will answer the customer. And make a profit for you. – Ice cream powder manufacturer Is it reliable for the ice cream business to serve as they can answer us to the source, process and source of the product that we will sell to consumers.


A new phenomenon in the development of Ice Cream Powder Software to be  the best  Ice Cream Powder Company. We have developed a new recipe. The main aim is to meet the needs of small operators. Using the ice cream machine to serve without the Air Pump system or simply called the Chinese machine .


Minor operator Using ice cream machine without Air Pump system or using China machine. Use old-fashioned ice cream powder, old style ingredients. It makes the product out of the ice cream machine. The quality is not as good as it should be. Ice cream is a scoop of ice (like sand ) , rough, fat .when eat usually attached to the neck. But Destiny Asia’s soft ice cream powder is meant for you. We have improved and developed ice cream recipe. It can be used with Ice Cream Maker, without Air Pump system (Chinese machine) effectively. The main ingredient of powdered milk ice cream. The main ingredient and formula we have invented. Make soft ice cream served from China machine  more smooth and soft than 30%. Slightly less ice cream, soft fat, slippery throat and delicious taste, both Thai and foreign customers. And importantly, cheap. And compared to the mixture of powdered soft ice cream and soft ice cream vendors in our home market. We are cheaper and have less. We want you to try what we intend to do. If you do not like we can refund without condition. The special features of our new ice cream for China Machine without air pump system. 1. The ice cream is soft and smooth, 40% 2.No problem about the rough texture of sand. The meat is less coarse. Or hardly as rough as sand. 3. The smell of Vanilla Milk to eat more. 4. The ice cream can be about 30% faster than the original press.


Soft Serve Ice Cream Powder of Destiny Asia mixing simple. Just add water, mix well. Without any other ingredients. It has the raw materials to produce soft serve ice cream for customers to review. Soft serve ice cream powder 1 bag containing 2 kg to 5 liters of water mixed into the ingredients together well, with an average price of 290 baht per kilo only 41 baht !!! Can prove the ingredients of the powder, ice cream, soft serve you for another comparison. And the amount that We are confident in the quality. And the price is right The product quality. The certification is cost saving for the operator. You do more

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