Soft Serve Powder Original




Soft Serve Ice cream powder traditional recipes. VANILLA FLAVORED, CHOCOLATE FLAVORED. Ice cream and soft fluffy Made from real milk, fat in ice cream is from the milk. Coordination with vanilla and chocolate sweet.

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Soft Serve Ice cream powder specially formulated. FRENCH VANILLA FLAVORED, MILK SWISS CHOCOLATE FLAVORED, JAPANESE GREEN TEA FLAVORED. We invented a new flavor to sweet and tasty, not greasy.Soft Serve Ice Cream Powder Destiny Asia Company Personnel to develop nutrition products, Ice cream, Soft serve. Soft serve ice cream powder manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality, Premium grade, the cheapest price. It allows entrepreneurs to buy Powder Soft serve ice cream with a profit increase. Encourage milk powder, ice cream, soft serve Destiny Asia Premium quality, tasty, clean and hygienic. The outstanding feature of the Soft serve ice cream brand Destiny Asia Company.
- Ice cream and soft It is delicious, sweet, not overly sweet.
- Ice cream melts slowly and hold on tight.
- Full ice cream over run well.
- Ice cream is not a grain of sand on the ice cream maker from China.
Ice cream brand Destiny Contained in a package of foil bags, each weighing 2 Kg 1 box containing 10 bags.


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